Tom Humbert, PE

Tom’s professional experience includes geo-structural design, geotechnical engineering and geo-structural construction. He began his career working on the construction side of specialty geo-structural projects. He worked in both a lead project manager and an assistant project management role for construction projects including driven piles, micropiles, auger cast piles, soil nails, tie back anchors and sheet piling. He performed Quality Control for the installation of the elements, including oversight of static and dynamic load tests. He later moved into a geotechnical engineering and geo-structural design role designing the above-mentioned foundation and retaining wall structures in various geologic settings including karst, alluvial, colluvial and expansive soil environments. In addition, Tom has experience in the design, construction and inspection of locks, dams and levees. He has extensive experience with slope stability and seepage analysis for earthen dam projects. Tom has experience working in a variety of commercial and government industries including transportation (roadway and railway), power generation facilities, dams and levees, marine and dense urban environments.