Tim Sweeney

Tim worked for NRCS for over 34 years, providing innovative, progressive watershed project planning. Eight of his 34 years were spent on the NRCS National Headquarters engineering staff.  In this role, Tim was involved with drafting watershed planning policy and providing watershed planning training for the agency.  He has extensive experience in working with large groups of project stakeholders and was involved with planning, reviewing, and implementing watershed scale projects funded by the NRCS, EPA, and the Western Area Power Authority for the past 20 years. In this role, Tim ensured compliance with NRCS policies and procedures, NEPA, and other federal environmental laws, codified federal rules, and executive orders. Tim also served as an endangered species specialist for the Department of the Army for three years.  Mr. Sweeney’s significant breadth and depth of NRCS experience provide him with a great set of tools to work on NRCS, as well as other projects.